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Just some questions  we figured you'd have...

Do I actually have to run 93,000,000 miles to complete this challenge?

Of course not! Each mile you run here on Earth equates to 1,000,000 miles traveled towards the sun.

How do I register for a team?

Whether you're going to sign up as a team of 2 or a team of 4, the process is the same. The team captain will sign each team member up and pay the full team entry fee. Team captains will need to know the e-mail address and desired shirt size of all team members prior to registering.

When and how do I log my miles?

We encourage you to log your miles each day, we'll have a form right here on the site to fill out. You can always log miles once a week if you'd like, as long as they are in our system by the end of July 4th.

I'm on a team. Do I have to log my teammates miles too?

Nope, we have the system set up so when you input your bib number (each team has a single bib number) your miles go to your team total. So feel free to log in and record your own miles, your teammates will show up in your count when they record what they ran.

How will I know my total number of miles?

We'll have a tracker here on the website for you to track your total miles, along with some fun facts of where you are on your journey to the sun... and beyond.

I'm doing 3,294 virtual challenges and 5Ks, can those miles count towards this?

Absolutely! We're totally aware of all the virtual races going on so feel free to double-dip and use those miles here for this challenge.

Do I need to run with my teammates?

Nope. As long as each of you is logging in and recording your individual miles, you're all set. You can have teammates all over the globe!

When will I get my race swag?

All race swag will be mailed at the completion of the challenge, or as soon as we have it all in-house.

It didn't ask for my teammates address, how will they get their swag?

Don't worry about that - we'll reach out to team members so that they can submit their address to us.

I'm running so many miles I need new shoes, where should I go?

That's easy, check out your local Marathon Sports, Runner's Alley, or Sound Runner location for all your running needs. If you're not in the New England area you can shop all of our stores online, and we'll ship you those new kicks!

What if we reach the sun by completing 93 miles? That seems pretty easy as a team.

That's an awesome achievement - now how far beyond it can you go? We'll keep tracking teams as they reach the sun and then start their quest through the universe! Who wants to reach Pluto? (is that still a planet)

What is the Summer Solstice?

This date marks the official beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also the longest day and shortest night of the calendar year. By longest “day,” we mean the longest period of sunlight, hence Chase the Sun!




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